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I’ll be posting funny articles about raising children and now, (Because I’m so old) Grandchildren. I’ve loved children since I was a Kid. I was the teenager playing knee football with my little brother’s friends instead of talking to the adults at the party. I love what the young ones say and do. Funny words come out of their mouth all the time.

I have a few recommendations for young parents just starting the journey of raising a family. They aren’t in any order, just some thoughts.

  • Film your child from day one. Having this record of there lives will make you very happy when you become my age and get to watch those movies while you’re sitting in your rocking chair. (For me, it’s my recliner)
  • Go to their events. Whether that be a baseball game or a ballet recital, it doesn’t matter. No event is worth missing because your boss is an ass. Work should be third on your list after your wife or husband, your children, then your work. It’s not that important in the grand scheme of things.
  • Never have a fight in front of your children. Go to a room in the house and close the door. The kids will be fine for a few minutes. (as long as they’re not toddlers). Kids remember how you treat each other. They will do the same to their spouse when they get older. If you are an abusive husband, please send me your address so I can pay you a visit. I’m an ex-bouncer and hockey player. I’m 6’2″ and weigh 300 pounds. I’d like to pay you a visit.
  • Children will respect you if you show interest in what they do. Treat them like they are the best at what they love to do. (Even if they’re not). They will learn to respect you and your opinion.
  • Discipline should involve talking to a child on their level. Get down to their level and explain what they did wrong in a strong but loving voice. After a while, I could just give my kids a look and they’d stop doing what they were doing wrong. If your beating your kids please refer to the paragrapher above and send me your address. Beating a child will always backfire on you. Remember, that child will grow up to be a big strong adult. You may find yourself on the ground in a lot of pain at the hands of your own son. Daughters will rebel and it will take years for them to come back if they ever do. Remember, you may need someone to help take care of you when you get old. Alienate your children and you’ll find yourself in a nasty nursing home with no one to talk to.
  • Children will occasionally make bad decisions. Try to steer them in the right direction. But sometimes they have to learn the hard way. Don’t dwell on it. When they finally realize what they did wrong, help them take care of the problem and offer alternatives (Like going back to school) to help them.
  • Just remember kindness will always win out over anger.

I will post blogs as often as I can. It hopefully will help you raise your children. I’ve been there (with 4 kids of my own that have all turned out great) and I hope you’ll enjoy my posts and maybe implement some of the idea’s to help raise your own children.

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Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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