The Beauty and Wonder of a Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookie



Is there anything as perfect? Is there anything that says love and happiness with such a perfect smell? Is there any more? I love chocolate chip cookies and they love me too. They really love my stomach and have been migrating there for many, many, years. Now they don’t want to leave. And they keep asking me to send down more of their “brothers in chips” to join them. They have the power of the “Force” so I do what they tell me and send down more.

There are 4 kids in the Moss household so homemade chocolate chip cookies don’t last long. I’m pretty sure at one time we had 5 children but somehow lost one during a cookie rush. I checked everywhere after the mass hysteria had died down and he was nowhere to be found. He was just too weak. The poor kid didn’t have a chance. But hey, more for me huh?

After Eileen made a batch, I had a serious thought about the power of homemade chocolate chip cookies and their almost mystical healing powers.

Let’s look at the big picture starting with wars. World War I would have never started if the assassin who killed Archduke Francis Ferdinand had been served a couple of homemade chocolate chip cookies. You can’t kill anyone with the warm, loving, and soothing feel of homemade chocolate chip cookies.

If we had served the crowds of people who came to hear Adolph Hitler speak homemade chocolate chip cookies, they would have had gone home, had a glass of milk, and gone to bed. Instead, they invaded Poland. If we only new…

What about today’s world though. Let’s see if we can help solve some of the world’s problems with a little help from our friends (homemade chocolate chip cookies)

This psycho in North Korea for instance. What Kim Jong Un needs more than anything is a homemade chocolate chip cookie. You can’t launch nuclear weapons with chocolate chips all over your hands. Your finger keeps slipping off the button.  So, the next time you make a batch of cookies, send one to this goofball and maybe things will stabilize over there. Besides, the guy looks like a Korean Elvis Impersonator, and we all know Elvis loved his homemade chocolate chip cookies.

How about sending Millions of cookies over to Iran? That will make everyone happy including their nutball leader. They all look so angry. “Here, have a cookie, now isn’t everything better? Now let’s try to get along, what do you say”?

Every day, in every government facility from the Post Office all the way to the White House, the work day will not start until everyone has a warm, homemade chocolate chip cookie. After the cookie has been consumed, we will finally see some of this bipartisan cooperation they’ve been talking about for my entire adult life! Before you know it, another political party is born, the HCCCP (homemade chocolate chip cookie Party) unfortunately, the convention will have to be held at a large facility with equally large seats. They HCCCP party members require a little more seat room than the average political party, but they sure are a happy bunch.

Got to go, another batch is exiting the oven. “Look out, here comes the leader of the HCCCP, and he looks hungry”!

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