College or No College, it’s a Legitimate Question for all Kids.


I’m sure this article is going to make a few of you upset. I don’t mean to ruin your day but we need to discuss this. So, I’m going to come out and say it…college isn’t for everyone. There, I said it. The nerve of some people. Now let’s look at my reasoning for such a nonconformist opinion.

The stress put on high school students to do well on their college testing exams rivals the stress level of an astronaut making a spacewalk while the “low oxygen” light is flashing on their helmet. They get the impression from us that without a 4-year college degree they will not amount to anything. The truth is, they will amount to whatever they want. As long as they are doing something they love and have the drive to pursue it wholeheartedly. The secret isn’t the education alone; it’s the drive to be successful.  Not every person who has a four-year degree is successful. Not every person who did not go to college is unsuccessful.  Here are some examples of people who didn’t get the “4-year degree” and still did pretty well.

  • Bill Gates from Microsoft
  • Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak billionaire co-founders of Apple.
  • Steve Ballmer billionaire chief of Microsoft
  • Andrew Carnegie-Steel Magnet, philanthropist.
  • John Chancellor-News anchorman
  • Ray Charles-Singer/Songwriter/piano player. Oh, and he was blind too.
  • Winston Churchill-Prime Minister of England.
  • Ellen DeGeneres-Comedian/Talk show host.
  • Walt Disney-If you don’t know who this is, stay in school.
  • George Eastman, multimillionaire inventor and founder of Kodak.
  • Scott Fitzgerald, novelist. Dropped out of Princeton University.
  • Tom Hanks-Actor
  • Billy Joel-Singer/Songwriter
  • Ray Kroc, multimillionaire founder of McDonald’s.
  • Ralph Lauren, billionaire fashion designer, founder of Polo.
  • Rush Limbaugh (Not my favorite, but has made millions offering his opinion)
  • Abraham Lincoln (so smart they gave him his own money)
  • Steve Martin-Comedian/Actor
  • Brad Pitt (who looks a lot like me)
  • Will Smith-Rapper, actor, producer.
  • Steven Spielberg, billionaire movie director, and producer, co-founder of DreamWorks. Rejected by the best film schools, he enrolled in and then dropped out of Cal State Long Beach.
  • Ted Turner, the billionaire founder of CNN and TBS, owner of Atlanta Braves, philanthropist, America’s largest landowner with 1.8 million acres.
  • Ty Warner, billionaire developer of Beanie Babies. Dropped out of college to go on the road selling plush toys.
  • John Wayne-Actor
  • Tiger Woods-Golfer

It’s all about the drive, desire and doing what you love. Not the test scores or college you’re kids attend. There are tons of people with higher degrees that are miserable. They picked a career they didn’t love, got a very expensive education, and then ended up giving it all up at 45 to do what they always wanted to do. Some people never even get that far.

If you do what you love you’ll never feel like you’re going to work. Think about what you want to do, not what everyone thinks you should do. If you want it bad enough you’ll do whatever you need to do to get there, if it means getting a college education than so be it.


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