A Trip To The Library

A lot more fun than I thought it would be.


This week I stopped in at the Library check out a book on publishing. When raising kids, the library can be a lifesaver!

I’ve always had difficulty learning as a child. It turns out I had Dyshockeya. It’s a rare disease mostly suffered in the Canadian provinces. I was always more interested in playing hockey than actually taking the time to learn anything. I didn’t see any Ice Arenas set up in the library when I was a kid so why would I go there? This led to an incident in high school that involved some of my best friends dragging me into the library by force because I always told them that I would go into a seizure if I entered the library for any reason. The fake seizure I enacted to get a laugh out of my friends was enjoyed by everyone…except for the librarian. She sent me to see the Dean of Students, and he also thought my sense of humor was, let’s say…idiotic. That’s not what he said, but if I repeat it someone is going to complain.
As I stood at the library door remembering my youth and hoping that my old librarian has long since retired and moved to Florida, I entered to find quite a nice, relaxing environment for learning. The first thing I noticed was that the coffee shop Novel Brew is open again. I read about it in the paper, but seeing it for myself was great. It was filled with people enjoying coffee and not one of them faking a seizure.
Walking in I noticed the friendly faces at the checkout counter and none of them had their hair in a bun or their eyeglasses hanging from a chain. They looked like real people! To the right of the entrance is a whole section of books that are for sale at ridiculously low prices. $1.00 for a hardcover and even less for paperbacks.
As I walked further in I saw a sign that dictated my weekend plans. On the 28th they are having the 6th Annual Hamster Race at 10:30 am. I immediately went to the front desk and put $100.00 on “Winky the Wonder Hamster” who is favored and is the top pick for the win by Chris Berman of ESPN’s sports center. The librarian told me the bookie was off on Tuesdays and then hit me with a copy of Tolstoy’s War and Peace. You should see the lump.
The kids’ section is vast with a cool reading tree, game computers, and a story room. I took a nap by the fake tree that goes all the way to the ceiling. They kicked me out for snoring.
There is such a huge selection of children’s books! They were sorted by age and alphabetized too. I really wish I had thought of the library when I was raising my kids. So many selections, so many great stories. Even novels for kids. I could have read them one or two chapters per night. Maybe they would want to go to bed.
Next, I went upstairs to look up syndicating a newspaper column and was amazed at all the Abraham Lincoln books they had out celebrating his 200th birthday. There is a huge audiobook section, DVD and CD section, and many computers to use. I only saw one thing that scared me. Did you know that there are 3 books in the library about Rosie O’Donnell? I almost had another seizure.
Stop by when you get a chance. There’s a lot to do!

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